Summit participants are invited to purchase a Summit(+) Pass and stay an extra day to attend our first SaaS Deal-Maker's Bootcamp. The Bootcamp will provide an intimate, interactive and highly focused experience where you can bring an upcoming SaaS deal, work hand-in-hand with a collection of ClearEdge Subject Matter Experts and Analysts, and leave with a vetted plan to execute a strategic deal. 
Clients with a Summit Pass Access code who chose the Summit(+) option pay only $995 for the extra session.
Building off of sessions from the general Summit track including Leverage Management 101, SaaS Buying Trends, and supplier briefings on Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more, the Bootcamp is designed to take a deeper dive into the specifics of your deal. Focus areas include:
  • Establishing your deal objective and defining the stakeholder team
  • Assessing your current leverage position
  • Inspecting your contract (past or proposed) for risk
  • Reviewing potential challenges and key decisions as you build a demand model
  • Action planning to amplify your strengths and mitigate areas of concern in your deal plan
  • Developing a messaging plan founded on your sources of leverage
Wednesday, May 6
2:00 PM
Welcome & Introduction
Setting the stage for the next 24 hours, introducing participants and coaches.
2:15 PM
Deal Objective & Stakeholder Alignment Workshop
Documenting the goals of your deal and the teams you'll need to align before and during deal execution.
2:45 PM
Leverage Assessment Workshop
Score your deal against the 9 key capabilities for maintaining leverage.
3:15 PM
Inspecting SaaS Contracts for Risk
Providing a framework for contract risk assessment across all SaaS Deals
4:00 PM
Contracts Risk Assessment Workshop
Dig into your contract, coached by an Analyst with experience in hidden traps, and what to look for your specific vendor.
Thursday, May 7
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
SaaS Demand Planning
Providing a framework for key demand planning considerations in a SaaS deal.
9:15 AM
Demand Planning Workshop
Build an action plan to guide you as you build out a conservative, un-biased demand plan for your deal.  Coached by an Analyst, you will discuss how to use growth to your advantage and potential scenarios for your model.
10:00 AM
Deal Plan Development Workshop
Review your deal plan and leverage assessment with an analyst as you build an action plan to mitigate potential weaknesses and execute against a best practices model.
10:45 AM
Effective Messaging for SaaS Deals
Providing a framework for evaluating you messaging plan.  What motivates SaaS sales teams?  How do we highlight our potential sources of leverage?
11:15 AM
Messaging Workshop
Work with your analyst coach to build an effective messaging plan based on the realities of your deal.